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The Housekeeper & Co. LLC

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  • Wash Dry Fold - Large Tote

    1 x $61/piece

    Large Tote holds up to 30lbs of everyday laundry.
  • Wash Dry Fold - Medium Tote

    1 x $44/piece

    Medium Tote holds up to 20lbs of everyday laundry

  • Lap Blanket

    1 x $9.99/piece

    Any Blanket smaller than a twin
  • Large Blanket

    1 x $11.99/piece

    Any size blanket bigger than a twin.
  • Pet Bed

    1 x $15/piece

    All Sizes +$Urine/ Blood Stain
  • Decorative Pillow

    1 x $6.99/piece

    Anything from couch pillows to outdoor pillows.
  • Comforter - Full or smaller

    1 x $22.99/piece

    Full or Smaller
  • Comforter - Queen or Larger

    1 x $24.99/piece

    Queen or King + Synthetic, Down, Poly-fill
  • Speciality Jacket

    1 x $19.99/piece

  • Commercial Per Pound

    1 x $1.87/piece

    The rate given is for 20-pound minimum. Any order over 20-pound will be charged at 1.89 per pound.